Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Are your classes Approved?

Don't worry, your certification is valid. Yes, instructors are certified instructors through an accredited agency.

2 - What type of classes do you offer?

3 - How long do classes last?

4 - Where are your classes held?

Classes are held at your convenient location. We have several locations around Florida and every month we are adding more. All of our classes are held in comfortable and safe locations that maximizes the student's ability to learn.

5 - How long do certifications last?

6 - Do I have to buy a textbook for the class?

Thankfully No! A Workbook for your class is included in the student's tuition so every student will receive a book.

7 - What hours and days can I schedule a class at my location?


8 - What do I need to bring to class?

In addition to paper and a pen for note taking, just your wonderful smile!!! For all AHA courses, text book required based on instructor agreement.

9 - How do I register for a class?

    Two options:
  1. You can click on your area, find your location and register online (the fastest way)
  2. You can call 877-970-9009 and register with a live agent.

10 - Why do I have to prepay for a class?

Because our classes have a student limit, we enroll students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

11 - How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Once you pay online, you will get an email for payment confirmation where you can them print receipt.

12 - I missed a class. Do I have to pay to reschedule to join another class?

No! you can just give us a call at 877-970-009 and register for free for another class.

13 - Can I cancel a class?

Yes! If call within 24hrs of making appointment. However, in all other cases for organizations and individuals, there is a 50% cancellation fee for complete cancellation of an invoice. Why?

Because when you register for a class, we are giving you a seat and stopping someone else from taking that seat. For organizations, we are reserving a particular date and time, and we are stopping other organizations from reserving that date (even if we have to turn away customers).

14 - Can I pay for a class on the day of the class?


15 - Where are you located?

American Heart Saver Corporation classes are held Nationwide.

16 - Are you an accredited organization?

Absolutely! Our curriculums and certification cards come from the American Heart Association, Red Cross, Nationals, and American Health and Safety Institute.

17 - How long have you been operating?

American Heart Saver Corporation was founded in 2010

18 - What is your teaching philosophy?

Making learning fun and easy to remember, learning the smart and not long way.