About Us

happily teaching people American Heart Saver Institute provides various CE classes in the Heath-Care and non-Health-Care industry. American Heart Saver Institute is a nationally accredited training organization, with the purpose of teaching the best possible quality and quantity of CE classes, seminars and Conventions all over the world.

American Heart Saver has developed a modern and effective way of teaching all its courses, for we believe in the smart way, not necessarily in the long mundane. Our team keeps up with all updated information related to the heath industry, and strongly implements PRO-ACTIVITY to all incidents and or diseases.

American Heart Saver Institute hires the best trainers in the medical field that are all certified, and is capable of teaching different types of classes and organizations. All instructors are taught to interact with students to promote a fun learning environment. Now AHS has implemented online training for anyone, as we continue to proudly serve over thousands of different companies.

What sets AHS apart from the rest? AHS uses a classroom workbook so that students can participate with the instructor, itís more interactive. AHS also incorporates the differences of the Heart Association and Red Cross guidelines so responders are aware of the two and more lives can be saved.

American Heart Saver Institute continues with the mission to be the best worldwide by providing and enhancing the growth, confidence and awareness of each individual, company and community through our programs, products and services.

children's home societyAmerican Heart Saver Corporation now donates a percentage of its profits to the Children's Home Society.
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