First Aid

First Aid

First Aid Certification Course Includes:

  •   24/7 access to our 100% online program
  •   Fast, flexible, easy path to certification and recertification
  •   Study materials and tests created by licensed healthcare providers
  •   Program is AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC based
  •   Streamlined preparation materials for faster learning
  •   Unlimited free practice tests & final exam retakes
  •   Free instant printable PDF certification card
  •   Material covers cardiac arrest, drug overdoses, choking & other first aid situations

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  •  Easy, Fast, 100% Online First Aid Certification

    Having a person around who has first aid certification can mean the difference between life and death. The CPR Certification Institute provides a highly-effective, intuitive, flexible, and streamlined way to earn your First Aid Certification.

  •  Gain all the Knowledge you need to Save a Life

    You will learn how to administer first aid to both adults and children, thanks to this life-saving course which provides detailed instructions on how to administer first aid for a variety of emergency situations, including cardiac arrest, choking, drug overdoses, electric shock, drowning, and more. You’ll also discover how to operate an automatic electronic defibrillator.

  •  Curriculum Created by Certified Physicians

    Saving a life is no small thing, and knowing exactly the right process to follow can mean the difference between success and failure. We’ve brought in experienced and certified licensed physicians to both create and double check our courses and exams to make sure you get the most up-to-date material possible.

  •  Study Smarter, Pass the Exam More Quickly

    We’ve made it our goal to provide you with a streamlined, effective path to earning your First Aid Certification. This means all of the information you need is ordered logically, delivered in a completely online format, and has plenty of repeatable, unique modules to deliver the fastest possible learning experience with maximum comprehension.

  •  Based on the Latest American Heart Association Guidelines

    Our 100% online course is based on the latest AHA, ILCOR, ECC, and ARC guidelines. This ensures that you have the most recent information and the right skills to properly perform lifesaving procedures in the field under all types of circumstances. Our online CPR classes present a variety of scenarios so you can be as prepared as possible.

  •  Convenience and Flexibility

    Our training program was created with the goal of allowing you to choose the fastest certification option available. The coursework study materials and the practice and final exam testing modules are 100% online, making your First Aid training easy to complete. You can study at your convenience, take practice tests and the final exam when it is convenient to you (even in the wee hours), and eliminate the need to attend any classes in person.

  •  Free Unlimited Practice Tests

    As you learn with flexible study times, you can also pre-test yourself using our free, unlimited practice tests to see how well you are comprehending and retaining information. When you are ready to take your First Aid Certification test, you don’t even have to worry if you don’t pass immediately – we offer you unlimited retakes with no extra fees or time limits.

  •  Receive Proof of Certification Instantly

    After you successfully complete the final First Aid examination, you’ll immediately get an email with a printable PDF certification card that shows your name, your medical professional instructor’s name and their medical license number, and the date that you passed the final exam.

  •  Keep Getting Support Even After Passing

    You’ll get support throughout the process plus after you pass the First Aid Certification exam. You can access the training modules for up to 2 years. You can go back for a refresher whenever you want, and start studying in advance of your next recertification.

Why Choose Us?

  •   Courses are Accepted Nationally/Internationally
  •   Certification Program is 100% Online
  •   All Online Study Materials Included Free
  •   Exams can be Taken Anytime, Anywhere
  •   Free Unlimited Practice Tests and Exam Retakes
  •   Elective Continuing Education Credits
  •   Instant Emailed Certification Proof
  •   100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back
  •   Get Certified with Same Day Results 24/7

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  •   Get Training and Certification 100% Online
  •   Medical Professional Created Courses and Tests
  •   No Extra Study Materials Needed
  •   On-Site Skills Testing not Required
  •   Unlimited, Unique Practice Exams
  •   Unlimited, Free Final Exam Retakes
  •   Flexible Learning - Study Anywhere
  •   Receive Certification Instantly, 24/7

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